View Aveux non avenus by Claude Cahun on artnet. Browse upcoming and past auction lots by Claude Cahun. Aveux non avenus [Claude Cahun] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Platinum print by Claude Cahun, image of a collage, , printed , from the book ‘Aveux non Avenus’. Museum Number E

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I see God in slow motion. Against all expectation he allows himself to be disarmed and shows no surprise. Narcissus did not love himself. And I am living from this impetus, like a machine which keeps running even though its motor has stopped … I persist more than I exist — at the mercy of your incisive writing or condemned by your resilient nom.

Aveux non avenus by Claude Cahun on artnet

From the beach further down, where I am, his pot-bellied instrument looked as tall as a house to me. I would slander myself rather than try to seduce you with a simulated beauty. They should put him in a straight-jacket. I push myself to the limit, I finally realize it and for want of anyone better complain about me to myself: My mental curiosity knows no bounds but I have no curiosity where my emotions are concerned and I wish to avoid anything that might awaken them.

Now nothing can come between us. The miracle that is yet to come. Vertigo is implied, ascension or the fall. The sky is white and beautiful the earth: More exactly, these are apparitions whose weight, nonetheless, can be calculated, who cannot evade the touch of a hand.


But the makeup I had used seemed indelible. You replied that, if love comes true, the game becomes dangerous. In the eyes of the amazed child the seascape undeniably chaste now displays an image of rutting that his adolescent body suddenly craves.

The siren is the only victim of the siren. I wish it would just get lost!

Aveux Non Avenus

Every day seems to me to take a long time to live — the evening so much preferable to the morning! You will forgive me for approaching you with absolutely no excuse.

But we have nothing to say to each other. Who would be permitted to hide you away?

A — Physical, emotional and intellectual suffering. Disdain for everything garish, rowdy, tasteless. Once more my comparison is rather feeble and poor. I have knocked him out many a time. We were finally going to love each other, there, in the clearing. B — Have a very simple life, a life with nothing to do. Right in front of me. They went by… …And I soon found myself completely lost among a dense forest of lances made from deformed trunks, the blue of a dirty horizon.

His arm, all trembling, explored my heart, and I was ashamed of the irregular breathing that betrayed my desire… Compulsion, a stranger to love, kept us thus, glued against one another in the midst of indifference.


Now let him in. To the point of laughter, O my wounded mouth. Little by little I become lighter. C — Certainly not, quite the opposite. The slovenliness of my race3. I even evade my own evasion: March7.

For him, from this moment, any avwux would be peopled by orgies. Which path to follow — but since time is of the essence: That our hair would meld indistinguishable leaned together over a photograph.

Image of photomontage illustration from ‘Aveux non Avenus’ [Disavowed Confessions]

They incorporated self-portraits, x-rays, fragmented body parts, drawings of fetuses and animal skeletons. His ideas on the construction of sexual identity had a profound impact on the work of a generation of lesbian authors and artists, including Radclyffe Hall and Claude Cahun. It would make him happy and I am not keen on it. What would happen to us if we had to ask you for permission to displease you, Your confession, your retraction — when you yourself know very well how to go further.

I grant that these cold nobilities avsux audacious lovers… — And more! Why do you prefer yourself to all others? A corolla of folded paper, a dress.

A — My ceaseless astonishment with life. This body should be pruned, branch by branch, member by member, call the surgeons.