: The Bar Code Tattoo (): Suzanne Weyn: The Bar Code Tattoo and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Enjoying this preview? Become a member to read the full title. Join today and read free for 30 days. Need help? Start Your Free Trial. The Bar Code Tattoo. The Bar Code Tattoo Summary & Study Guide. Suzanne Weyn. This Study Guide consists of approximately 30 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character.

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Lees mijn complete recensie op Oog op de Toekomst. Feb 23, Miss Clark rated it it was ok Shelves: Personally the 1st book of the trilogy was my favorite. Now we find that no only has the evil corporation been reorganizing society around genomically-informed cost-benefit analyses, but that it has also been working on cloning. The tattoo is supposed to make everything tattlo, because it keeps all of the information about eeyn person in one place — I.

Read more from the Study Guide. I saw it at a cheap book sale, though, so I figured “why not? Paperbackpages.

Finding out via the news media, who have been singularly inept until this point, that the aforementioned barcode viruses die after six months anyway, so whew, dodged that bullet. But it bothered me, you’d think something like this would be something that would be talked about before hand but it’s not, it just mentions how she has visions and how Global-!

Don’t waste your time.

What if you don’t want to become a code? Her house is at the edge of the woods and is nearly years old.

I wonde This book wasn’t finished. The flashbacks-or should that be flash forwards? Kayla is against the tattoo and knows that it’s dangerous, but when her society is getting closer to it being mandatory, can she keep her promise to herself? For while the government has been trying to control evolution, nature has been honing Kayla and her friends’ psychic abilities.


Refresh and try again. Kayla has resisted suzannr the bar code tattoo, even though it’s meant forfeiting a “normal” life. It will become your identity. Honestly this book really disappointed me Like, I realllyyyy want to.

She manages to escape and encounters a trucker who gives her suxanne advice. Every fifty pages add a random plot twist. One person doesn’t like wetn corruption. The romance was just cardboard.

The only problem I had with this book was that the ending almost seemed a little rushed, but other than that, I liked the book. Chapters 5 – 9. She very much enjoys rethinking these classic tales from an original point of view, always looking for the real psychological underpinning of the story.

It’s not a problem if you have nothing to hide?

The Bar Code Tattoo by Suzanne Weyn | Scholastic

That’s what happened to Kayla’s friend Amber and her parents. In my opinion it suzanhe no substance and didn’t really draw me in at all, there wasn’t really any buildup to the “I love you. Everyone should be based on their actions not on anything esle. This book wasn’t finished. She hints at the fact that the tattoo is evil and urges Kayla to never give in to having it.

In the first book about this world, The Bar Code Tattoo, Kayla’s neighbor, the now-famous Gene Drake, was killed in a struggle because he had discovered something terrible about the tattoo, and wanted to tell the world.

The Bar Code Rebellion

I just don’t get how all the things they did to defeat Global 1 went so well Futuristic dystopia, great idea. Quotes from The Barcode Tattoo. Jun 24, Sheri rated it it was ok. What could the third book really even be about, especially when it’s about some chick named Grace a year later in ? Barvode would cause discrimination and not allow her to be hired on any job at all, due to this sickness, that did not affect her, and Kayla became more opposed to it.


Bar Code Series

Suzanne lived pretty close to the ocean and going to Jones Beach was one of her favorite activities Even today, if she goes too long without seeing the ocean, she starts feeling restless. I’m torn between rating it one star because it was such a badly put together book and rating it five stars because it was probably the funniest book I have read in a long time Except for some who think this is a bad idea.

I think that yes, people can sometimes be treated as if they are inanimate, such as the social security numbers that you must have in order to make a living or the fact that you need a passport to go see your loved ones. Sweetblue The lesson I take away is: I was pulled in from the first page. So predict The more I read of this, the more I disliked it.

This isn’t the exact same thing that happened but it went mostly like that.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Though she knew she was sane, it was not barrcode that the people would believe, it was the barcode. Inwhen the novel takes place, everyone, at the age of seventeen, is required to be tattooed with a bar code. When two of the members of Decode end up being double agents for a group trying to force everyone to get the tattoo and rumors are spread that she killed her mom, along with the government wanting to catch her for breaking the law of not having a barcode Kayla runs away.

What is in these bar codes? The language wasn’t rich nor interesting, it made the story flat.