Belimo’s SY series electric actuators have been designed to . (SY ) on/off, floating point. (SY SR) vdc. (SY MFT) vdc, mA. Belimo SYMFT, Factory Warranty, In Stock, Free Shipping, Email [email protected] , Buy Now at www. Complete installation recommendations can be found in Belimo’s Installation . Belimo SY Series actuators are NEMA 4X rated. Dimensions SYxMFT. L.

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Refer to page 12 for programming options. Modulating 1 Choose the valve actuator combination. Valves may be tagged per customer specifi cation. Chiller 1 3rd Floor East Part number for tagging: These valves may be used for bleimo shut-off service or throttling service within a range of degrees for two-way valves. Butterfl y valves are controlled with a maintenance-free electronic actuator or manually with an ergonomic handle or gear operator.

Product Features The unique disc and seat design ensures positive valve seating while maintaining low seating torque. VALVE DESIGN FEATURES Unique seat and disc design ensures positive valve sealing while maintaining low bflimo torque Butterfly valve discs are precision machined to half ball profile, providing a precise disc-to-seat relationship Cartridge style seat incorporates an elastomer bonded to a phenolic stabilizing sy-2120mft, eliminating elastomer movement and reducing seat tearing or fatiguing due to bunching Cartridge seat has a much smaller mass of elastomer than traditional boot seat designs, limiting seat swell and the accompanying variations in seating torque The five bushing design completely isolates bellimo valve shaft from the body, resulting in increased control of the valve disc, lower valve seating torque, and longer valve life Ductile Iron Full Lug Bodies EPDM liner Stainless Steel Disc Two Models to suit the application: Slave Valve operates inversely of the Master Valve.

The Master Valve is always located on the run.

Belimo F665-300shp Sy2-120mft – Butterfly Valve Assembly

The Slave Valve may also have an actuator if required Direct Coupled. Modulating actuator normal position i. All 3-way assemblies are designed for 90 degree actuator rotation. Velocities greater than 12 fps may damage the valve liner and disc. Torque may increase, potentially exceeding the actuator s capacity. All SY actuators are non-spring return, but can be used with back up systems for fail-safe applications. This is the maximum differential pressure the valve will close-off against while maintaining a bubble tight seal.

Standard delivery may vary, please consult your customer service representative for the latest lead time s and list price. Materials received on job sites that have long installation lead times should receive extra protection from construction damage.

Resilient seats must be protected from abrasion, cutting and nicking, as this will damage the liner and may cause flange area leaks.

Belimo SYMFT Actuator in | Products | Pinterest

Electric actuators cannot be stored in wet, damp or caustic areas. Do not store construction material on top of valve assemblies. Valve should be installed a minimum of 10 pipe diameters from upstream or downstream elbows, strainers, pumps, etc. For chilled water, condenser water or hot water applications, the valve should be installed with the stem in a vertical orientation, with the wy2-120mft mounted above the valve.

For applications in which there is a possibility of sediment in the flow, the valve should be installed with the stem in bellmo horizontal position and the bottom of the disc should close FROM the downstream side, rather than from the upstream side.


Make sure the flange faces are clean bepimo free of rust, scale and debris to belmo damage to the liner face. Install the valve with the disc in the Almost Closed position Fig. TACK weld beilmo flanges to the piping in several places. Remove the lug bolts and carefully remove the valve body from the flanges. Fig 3b Let the piping components cool completely before re-inserting the valve body. Seam welding with the valve body installed between the beliko can damage the liner due to heat migration through the flange to the valve body.

Remove any protective flange covers from the valve. Inspect the valve to be sg2-120mft the waterway is free from dirt and foreign matter. Be certain the adjoining pipeline is free from any foreign material such as rust and pipe scale or welding slag that could damage the seat and disc sealing surfaces. Any actuator should be mounted on the valve prior to installation to facilitate proper alignment of the disc in the valve seat.

Check the valve identification tag for materials, and operating pressure to be sure they are correct for the application. Personal injury or property damage may result if the valve is installed where service belimk could exceed the valve ratings. Belimi the flange bolts or studs for proper size, threading, and length.

Carefully follow installation using welded flanges on page 82 of this document. Follow ASME flange alignment standards: Any distortion of piping to bring into alignment for joint assembly which introduces a detrimental strain in equipment or piping components is prohibited. Spread the pipe flanges apart enough to allow the valve body to be located between the flanges without actually contacting the flange surfaces. Exercise particular care in handling the valve so as to prevent possible damage to the disc or seat faces.

Actuator must be mounted at or above pipe center line for all actuator types.

For Lug style valves: Place the valve between the flanges. Install all bolts between the valve and the mating flanges. Hand tighten bolts as necessary. Before completing the tightening of any bolts, the valve should be centered between the flanges and then carefully opened and closed to insure free, unobstructed disc movement. Using the sequence, Fig.

In assembling flange joints, the resilient seating surface shall be uniformly compressed. If an actuator is to be operated, electricity should be connected to the unit in accordance with the local electrical codes.

Cycle the valve to the fully open position, then back to the fully closed position, checking the actuator travel stop settings for proper disc alignment. The valve should be operated to assure that no binding is taking place. If no power is available, use the manual handwheel. The valve is now ready for operation. To achieve the full closeoff pressure of the HD series, a flange is required on the open or down stream side of the valve Fig.

Be sure the line is depressurized and drained. Be sure of the pipeline media. Never remove the valve without an Operator Manual or Automatic already attached to the valve shaft.

Never remove the Operator from the valve while the valve is in the pipeline under pressure. Always be sure that the disc is cracked approximately 5 off of the closed position before removing the valve. General Maintenance Sy-120mft following periodic preventative maintenance practices are recommended for all Butterfly Valves.


Operate the valve from full open to full closed to assure operability.

Part Number FHD+SYMFT, 2-Way Butterfly Valves – Resilient Seated On Belimo Americas (USA)

Check flange bolting, actuator mounts and hangers for evidence of loosening and correct as needed. Inspect the valve and surrounding area for previous or existing leakage at flange faces or shaft connections. If not in use, exercise the butterfly valve full open and close at least once a month.

Self-adjusting End Stops The intelligent self-adjusting end stops close the valve based on torque or travel over the entire lifespan of the valve. Using the sequence, tighten the flange bolts evenly to assure uniform compression. General Maintenance following periodic preventative maintenance practices are recommended for all Butterfly Valves. Safety Precautions Before removing the valve from the line or loosening any bolts, it is important to verify the following conditions: Storage of Butterfly Valve Assemblies Assemblies must be stored indoors, protected from the elements.

Va lve faces must be protected from abrasion, cutt ing and nicking, as this will damage the face and may cause flange area leaks. The first auxiliary switch is fixed at 10, the second auxiliary switch can be set between 0 and A YouTube video is available to further help explain the auxiliary switch settings.

Turn the crank until the arrow points to the vertical line. When the hand crank is placed correctly then the actuator is disengaged. Green LED status indicator light sequence: The initial charge time is 20 seconds with a settable delay or bridge time of seconds for brown out interruptions.

April Vendor Name: Data Link Layer Options: The specified maximum length of writable strings is based on single-byte characters. The device supports DeviceCommunicationControl service. No password is required. Override Multi-state Output[1] Override Control Override control is possible in analog or digital control. Until released, contact Technical Support for a custom linkage. Refer below for required parts for custom retrofit. The SY is a 3-wire device and the PR actuator is a 4-wire device and additional wiring changes to the auxiliary switches are required.

Ground power and control signal wiring revisions. See table 1 for terminal cross reference For example; when the original SY actuator travel is 90 the A-C contact is closed. Physical copy of software. Free download also available at Near Field Communication NFC App Allows fast programming, commissioning, and troubleshooting even when the actuator is not powered. The PR actuator comes with an integrated potentiometer, therefore an adaptation is not necessary. The actuator always knows its position.

Is it allowed to mount the PR actuator upside down? Yes, for indoor applications only. Can the new 8 and 10 butterfly valves also be used for dead-end service? The new butterfly valves can only be used with a closed counter-flange for dead-end service.