During the past 40 years the production of natural rubber has increased three times and of synthetic rubbers 15 times, Biodeterioration 7 pp | Cite as . Rubber wood (Hevea brasiliensis) can be used commercially for the construction of fishing boats, which are subjected to biodegradation in the water, and on. Natural rubber (NR) was once the only source of the elastomeric materials required by a wide range Biodeterioration, Elsevier Applied Science, 7 (), pp.

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Certain organisms produce pigment or growth of cellular fibers. Biodeterioration [25] also has a impact on a wide range of materials including Stone and Wood evaluation of biodeterioration is very important especially in situations such as construction.

Bacteria and fungus cause deterioration in paper resulting in poor biodeteriodation of sheets. This website is a study conducted from samples of the Milan Cathedral.

Microbial mats can be considered as complex biofilms. Resistance of smoked glued laminated lumber to subterranean termite attack. This is based on New Zealand Qualification Authority Unit [1] entitled “Discuss microbial biodeterioration and biodegradation. International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation Actividad biocida de dos plantas cosechadas en Cuba contra hongos aislados del ambiente de depositos de archivos.



Bacteria when organised in biofilms can produce effective substances which cannot be produced by an individual bacteria. Biodeterioration of stored diesel oil: It maintains the same temperature throughout the tank.

Then the anaerobic methane fermentors convert the acids and alcohols to methane and carbon dioxide. Avalibilty of nutrients for growth 2. It is useful in remediation of the soil contaminated with non chlorinated solvents, some pesticides, wood preservatives and organic chemicals.

It is used against specific contaminants. These are huge tanks which sludge is pumped into from the settling tanks.

Wood decay is mainly caused by fungus. They use the carbohydrates, proteins and fats which they convert to organics and alcohols mostly biodeterioratio and propionic acids. Bioremediation refers to any process that use microorganisms, green plants or their enzymes do to return the natural environment, which was changed by contaminants, back to its original state.

Biodegradation – WikiEducator

This causes colour and weakness in the fiber and subsequently poor quality of materials result. A mixture of air and gas could cause an explosion and oxygen is poisonous to the bacteria. A banana can take days, ruber peels take one month, paper take months, sugar cane pulp products months. Bacteria Acetobacter xylinum present on the surface of fruit and flowers play an important role in commercial production of wines and other fermented substances.


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This page has been accessed 6, times. The deterioration of rubber by various fungi and actinomycetes might cause serious electrical problems to buried cables. Bioremediation of chlorinated solvent contaminated groundwater.

Biodeterioration | definition of biodeterioration by Medical dictionary

This is because the xenobiotics have been developed recently, from a geological viewpoint, and the existing microorganisms haven’t encountered them and therefore are not prepared to biodegrade them. Valdes, is and the different types of Bioremediation [29].

Protection from uv radiation 4. Produce useful by-products 3. Retrieved from ” http: Biodegradation is the process that occurs when organic materials are broken down by enzymes that are produced by microorganisms. This review provides a basic understanding of what biofilms are, ruvber problems they can cause, and what might be done to deal with them.

These websites out line the prevention methods [26] used for Stone and Wood.

Views Read View source View history. Living things found in teeth, gums, cells of intestinal or biodeterrioration tract, and non living things found in medical devices such catheters.