Center Axis Relock (CAR), a system, not just a platform, may be the next significant step in this never-ending evolution of Tactical Manual: Small Unit Tactics. Center axis relock is a versatile shooting system which provides a stable firing platform for multiple scenarios and it greatly aids in weapon. C.A.R. (Center Axis Relock) is more than a grip, stance or range application. Created by Paul Castle, C.A.R. is a complete, integrated combat.

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I also like his quote at the end ” You don’t shoot to kill you shoot to survive. After monitoring the evolution of the system for several years, I was given the opportunity to train under Jeff Johnsgaard, a Master Instructor with Sabre Tactical Training Center the C.

Lincourt has attended multiple live fire courses in pistol shooting, tactical carbine and shotgun shooting, as well as trained in knife fighting, stick fighting and unarmed defense against guns, knives, and sticks. The 1st Law of Gun Safety: Practitioner to Shoot Ambidextrously; 5.

May 14th, It looks like its a system for moving fast through very tight quarters and once you get the technique down your over all goal will be to speed and more speed. Never a good thing. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Please take my sincere offer and try it out one time before making such ignorant claims.

Castle has done is attempt to develop an entire system around it that as you have discovered, brings with it many disadvantages, and therefore IMO, as a shooting “system”, it leaves much to be desired.


Mean-Street Gunfighting System

An operator using a monocular night vision goggle has more peripheral vision than with a set of goggles. You smoothly roll the gun up and towards the target. All Guns Are Always Loaded! The Modern Isosceles is a great position for moving in reelock open and for maneuvering indoors where you have walls, corners and furniture behind which an adversary centee hide. After retiring he decided to put his experience to work to develop a method to increase the safety and effectiveness of law enforcement and military personnel in close quarters situations.

Sighting In On C. The 4th Law of Gun Safety: The time now is For me, and I suspect for most of us that do not or can not continuuiously train and practice…. Ten of our Students have already started the process of becoming highly trained C. In the exercises I did, I was able to put more rounds on target, faster, than I was driving the gun out from the high-compressed ready that I have always employed.

It did allow for a mag flip, though, which gives people on the range lots of wood.

I see only one advantage to using this presentation: In an armed encounter, moving off the line between you and your attacker could also help you survive. This has been but a brief overview of C.

In addition, your support hand is pulling your gun away from the target while your gun hand is pushing it toward the target, forming a very stable triangle.

The more arrows you have in your quiver, the better. Keeping your head upright helps maintain your balance and allows you to move more qxis.

Can Center Axis Relock Save Your Life?

It’s about inflicting the manuap damage possible in the least amount of time. Created by Paul Castle, C. Being shot with your own gun is a major concern in real-world self-defense shooting situations and CAR addresses this, while also helping you to quickly and accurately place defensive fire. He fought in five campaigns and was awarded four medals for heroism.


It was designed to meet the needs of LE and military operators. Sign up using Facebook.

It has superior advantages and very few if any disadvantages. Just say watch that muzzle at all times. All times are GMT I think of it as a long range prescion style.

The only thing that feels more unnatural, is jacking off with boxing gloves. We can be found for training at http: With the body bladed, and the head slightly turned, the gun-side eye is taken out of the equation by a natural barrier—the nose—completely eliminating dual sight picture. His school is state-of-the-art with a curriculum relck is constantly changing to incorporate the best tactics. Bottom line they are all good. It’s definitely different, rslock that doesn’t make it bad.

Your stance shields the frontal chest facing at 1: The idea that one particular gun control system is the best is asinine and insures failure in actual armed confrontations!

You may have struggled with cenetr in your own shooting; I know I have. If for some reason I had to make a rescue shot, or other shot where accuracy is vital, I would not use CAR, and would instead employ isosceles. At least not one that was readily apparent to me.