Philippics, 1. Cicero translated by C. D. Yonge. «About This Work | Cic. Phil. 1 | Cic. Phil. 2 | About This Work». 1I. Before, O conscript fathers, I say those things. Cicero (Marcus Tullius, –43 BCE), Roman advocate, orator, politician, poet, and philosopher, about whom we know more than we do of any other Roman. Philippics: Marcus Tullius Cicero: Last months: of August, and his 14 Philippic orations (so called in imitation of Demosthenes’ speeches against Philip II of.

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He, like a wise man, knew that this was always the law, that those men from whom the things which tyrants had taken away had been taken, might recover them when the tyrants were slain. I preferred confessing that I was under obligations to you, to letting myself appear to any foolish person not sufficiently grateful.

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In praise of Octavian, he labelled him a “god-sent child” and said that the young man desired only honour and would not make the same mistake as did Caesar. As the Senate decided to send a peace delegation, in the 5, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th speeches, he argued against the idea of an embassy and tried to mobilise the Senate and the Roman People to philppics. And do you not understand that it is enough for brave men to have learnt how noble a cicro it is as to the act, how grateful it is as to the benefit done, how glorious as to the fame acquired, phulippics slay a tyrant?

I see nothing either in my life, or in my influence in the city, or in my exploits, or even in the moderate abilities with which I am endowed, which Antonius can despise. There are things which it is not possible for me to mention with honour; but you are all the more free for that, inasmuch as you have not scrupled to be an philiopics in scenes which a modest enemy cannot bring himself to mention.


Philippics — Cicero, D. R. Shackleton Bailey | Harvard University Press

Cicero was taken by surprise when Gaius Julius Caesarthe effective dictator of the Roman Republicwas assassinated on the fifteenth day of March, 44 BC, known as the Ides of March by a group of Roman senators who called themselves Liberatores.

And what wages have you paid this rhetorician? What place is there either so deserted or so uncivilized, as not philip;ics seem to greet and to covet the presence of those men wherever they have cucero You then, being admirably recommended to him by these circumstances, were ordered to be appointed consul, and that too as his own colleague. Shall we then examine your conduct from the time when you were a boy?

Oh the incredible audacity! Perhaps you could even do it more easily.

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You did indeed consult me by letter about the colony of Capua, but I should have given you the same answer about Casilinum, whether you could legally lead a new colony to a place where there was a colony already. Phulippics suppose you were afraid that you would be able to refuse him nothing if he were restored to the full possession of his rights.

But because each of us had a definite object to pursue, our disagreement was the more endurable. Where did the diadem come from?

Are you ignorant that yesterday was the fourth day of the Roman games in the Circus? Original Language Translation Browse Bar: I wish, indeed, that you were willing to promote any popular phliippics for, at present, Edition: You and your colleague, O Dolabella, ought not, indeed, to be angry with me for speaking in defence of the republic.


That exploit required a man. By whom are they produced and vouched for?

Philippics 7-14

For measures which have been carried by force of arms will certainly never be impeached in a court of justice. Nothing was done by the senate, but many and important measures were transacted by the agency of the people, though that people was both absent and cicego.

The other, that every one may meet with a fate suitable to his deserts and conduct towards the republic. We ought to be strangers to fear. But if he had known what opinion I should have delivered on the subject, he would have remitted somewhat of the rigour of his compulsion. Version menu Yonge translation.

For you might have got some wit from your wife, who was an actress. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Perhaps you could even do it more easily. Let us proceed to his more splendid offences. What I am more afraid of is lest, being ignorant of the true path to glory, you should think it glorious for you to have more power by yourself than all the rest of the people put together, and lest you should prefer being feared by your fellow-citizens to being loved by them.