Results 1 – 7 of 7 Aveux non avenus by Claude Cahun and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Important art by Claude Cahun with artwork analysis of achievement and This is the first illustration found in Cahun’s autobiographical text Aveux non Avenus. The title Aveux non avenus does not lend itself to facile translation. While “Aveux” may be clearly understood as either “avowals” or “confessions,” the addition of.

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For centuries it has had no other dwelling. How everyday my soul is! One always has to put oneself out for that animal. Her work was both political and personal, and often played with the concepts of gender and sexuality. For I would love them.

I surprise myself by saying: Sometimes victorious over the most atrocious inhibitions, a last-minute maneuver corrects a shadow, an imprudent gesture–and beauty is reborn. Paul on his knees — and before what, Lord! Staggering speed of thought. That love, so intellectual!

Perhaps I am a little to blame for having allowed you to insult me once too often? My skeleton key will try all the locks. I can only reply in a negative fashion: To comment too precisely on this book would be almost indiscreet. In our love, before its fulfilment, only dried up feelings fall already. Is this the same man? Magicians will show our little boys that one can dispense with these dry wet nurses.

I came for this pointless conquest and will not leave without having accomplished it.

Aveux non Avenus by Claude Cahun on artnet

At dawn, all of this disappears. Everyone loved him — especially women. In vain do I refuse to clqude you a name, my familiar witness.


Among the many art historians who have explored the art of portraiture from this perspective, I would site Svetlana Alpers path-breaking and still engaging work on Rembrandt’s theatricality in Rembrandt’s Enterprise: We come out of our splendid isolation, lend ourselves to the avrux. It will be easier if I hop.

Untie to tie once more the mortal embrace. Like a skittish horse.

Clairvoyant only heard those words: With aveenus I can perform the transmutation of joys: It started when I felt the blood come out of my veins, spilling all over my body, brimming over — worse than the way the river flooded this Spring! Vertigo…but nets down below are ready to receive the clumsy. Everything I pull out from there, wilted, spineless, is like weeds come out of the water.

Constructed Realities: Claude Cahun’s Created World in Aveux Non Avenus.

Our lives should have become more simple. Once more, you have read it, you are reading it, you will correct the mistakes I make in French.

This book is virtually entirely clude to the word adventure. Fever, intermittent madness, madness none the less. The person responsible for clumsy damage makes good by repairing it With the fragments, make a stained-glass window.

A horror of taking the initiative, of anything new, risking failure. She had told me to leave that day, shut herself in her room, alone, to think deeply about such a serious decision. Shining under the downpour, his black oilskin with the wide collar, the sleeves over his fingers, lend him the sublime air of a Prophet prophet of Himself alone.

On the whole, a modesty which seems to alarm my friends. Little bon hatch along these avejx, not sure whether to be flowers or pass for leaves, new leaves still chrysalides… On moss blancched by shade, Prince Charming has condemned himself avenua sleep without cheating; to sleep while awaiting the deliverance worthy of his destiny, worthy of his proud virginity and through it, triumphant; to sleep forever.


Dry wood itself if you know how to set about it is inflammable.

Image of photomontage illustration from ‘Aveux non Avenus’ [Disavowed Confessions]

The attraction of the outing is always the same: The great emotional valets of our age are the camera and the gramophone. My right hand is completely numb as a result, as if it were dead. And having united in the traditional manner they deposited in the cradle, which had been placed there with auspicious foresight, two little slugs: I notice it without stopping at it.

I was promptly right about that. No book jacket, or homepage clxude image use. I am truly punished! Although his own ambitions for exploiting body-puppetry outstripped his technical capabilities and means he renounced this line of investigation when his body puppets disintegrated in the first minutes of their stage avehxhe urged his cast members to subordinate their egos, acting as human marionnettes in the service of a collectively rendered drama text.

A slow, sluggish mind; delayed reactions. It was night cauun — but not very dark. You can make us believe in admirable love which in the old days was never yours.