Answering the four principles of Wahhabism Link Wahhabism in light of History “THE DIVINE LIGHTNING” OF IMAM SULAIMAN IBN ABDUL WAHHAB Link. The Divine Lightning. Al-Hajj Abu Ja’far Al-Hanbali, Imam Sulaiman ibn ‘Abdul Wahhab. The Divine Lightning. Format. Paperback. Publisher. To a Wahhabi-Salafi, all those who differ with them, including Sunni Muslims, . fi al- radd ‘ala al-Wahhabiyya [“Divine Lightnings in Refuting the Wahhabis”]- Ibn .. ala al-Wahhabiyyah [“The Pure Pearls in Answering the Wahhabis”] pub.

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They will protect him from you and they might expel you from your land. The Shi’ite Muslims consider Imam Hussein, a grandson of Prophet Muhammad sone of the most sacred figures and his tomb one of the most sacred sites on earth.

The Divine Lightning

An example of tawassul is: Finally, Abu Jahal suggested that they recruit a young man from every family of the Quraysh who should jointly wahhabie down their swords upon Muhammad so that it could never be determined with certainty as to who had fhe him. I will publish the old and the new on the new public forum I have opened. Again, this has already been addressed before, so evidence will still need to be brought by those claiming his scholarship.

Then they would all strike Muhammad at the same time with their swords and kill him. He also felt upset to hear the salutations salawaat whenever it was recited in the mosque. According to the Wahhabi Shaykh, the Mawlid first appeared in the 4th century. Wahhabi-Salafis qahhabis in various strains, some being more extreme than others.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Especially when it comes to the mawlid. Here ] Hafiz Ibn Kathir writes: A manuscript treatise in approximately 10 chapters.


Al-Bassam also says, that Abdulwahhab criticized his son because he was to hard on them, not because his dawah itself. Dahlan, al-Sayyid Ahmad ibn Zayni d. Do they not forget that Allah and His angels were the first to practice the Mawlid? On their way to An-Nadwah House, Iblis Satan in the guise of avenerable elderly man standing at the door interrupted ansswering talk and introduced himself as a man from Najd curious enough to attend the meeting, listen to the debate and wish them success to reach a sound opinion.

It is unlikely that he would then back up and change wahhabix mind. Al-Husayni, ‘Amili, Muhsin The author seems to explain that these people of riddah were divided into two and that among them were those who returned towards the religion of the pagans and they were being fought. Article 38 of Imam Tahawi’s work states: Just as the Khawarij threw accusations of blasphemy on Ali and Mu’awiya, Wahhabis throw accusations of blasphemy against Sunnis and Shi’ites.

While those who merely rejected Zakat had only intermingled among this group and were not directly considered as apostates or fought. Eye witness accounts cannot be weak because they are eye witness accounts.

H for his deviant and unorthodox positions. He used to tell his followers that this will protect monotheism.

Email required Address never made public. He wrote an explanation of some religious issues and it was recognised as being well-written. Or are they fought merely as rebels?

Wahhabism Unveiled

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Never has there been a Shaykh with such loyal followers as Ibn Abdul Wauhabis, whos followers considered as equal to the Imams of the 4 madhabs.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Orthodox Sunni scholars who refuted Ibn Taymiyah’s pseudo-Sunni positions Ibn Taymiyah was imprisoned by a fatwa wahhais edict signed by four orthodox Sunni judges in the year A. Unpublished manuscript of a refutation of the Wahhabi sect.


Full text of “Wahhabism – Understanding the roots and role models of Extremism”

Ibn Taymiyah’s “fatwa” of jihad against Muslims What is also well-known about Ibn Taymiyah is that he lived in turbulent times when the Mongols had sacked Baghdad and conquered the Abassid Empire in When a Muslim visits the Prophet Muhammad’s s grave and calls on the Prophet s”Oh Prophet,” Ya Rasulullahthe Wahhabis accuse such a person of worshipping the Prophet s and refuse to accept the understanding that the Prophet himself is a means to asking God for things.

The same goes for his other records. Kepel says, “Ibn Taymiyya – a primary reference for the Sunni Islamist movement – would be abundantly quoted to justify the assassination of Sadat in It is obligatory to declare that Allah is distinct from His creation, established over His Throne without modality or likeness or exemplarity.

The knowledge was passed from qualified scholars to other qualified scholars through the centuries, who passed it to the masses. He used the words of Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibnul Qayyim to argue with people, even if their words were not to be understood in the wayMohammad understood them.

Allah is in a direction, Allah has lighgnings, Allah is literally above the Throne, and that Allah is sitting ‘in person’ on the Throne.

Wahhabis today forbid Muslims from doing tawassul through Prophet Muhammad, and have enforced strict rules around his grave in Medina, Saudi Arabia.