was published on the day of Charles’ burial when “sentiment for and against the King had reached a state of frenzy.” It was the. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Eikon Basilike, Or, The King’s Book. Edited by Edward Almack. London: A. Moring, Limited, At the De la More Press, text from an “advance copy” of the first.

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I would rather choose to wear a crown of thorns with my Saviour, than to exchange that of gold, which is due to me, for one of lead, whose embased flexibleness shall be forced to bend and comply to the various and oft contrary dictates of any factions, when instead of reason and public concernments they obtrude nothing but what makes for the interest of parties, and flows from the partialities of private wills and passions.

The response that the Image of the King garnered from eimon and foes alike was a stark reminder that while the swords may have been abandoned, the ideological battle was still not over. The sixty-five volumes shelved at CCA-E.

Eikon Basilike by King of England Charles I and John Gauden

Next Post Next Post. Charles was portrayed as a good Christian king who was ready to leave his fate in the hands of God, trusting in His plan until the very end and this was exemplified by various passages on martyrdom and the comparisons eikkon between the king and Christ the Saviour. Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia.

Retrieved from ” https: This unbookish—indeed anti-bookish—book thus turned print against itself”. This collection, largely the gift of F. When the hostilities of the English Civil War ended in a royalist defeat ina different kind of war emerged in which words became the new weapons and both eukon and enemies of the monarchy disseminated propaganda to discredit one another. Politics, Religion and Literature in the Seventeenth Century.


His papers are in the University Library. Don’t have an account? In it even appeared in musical form, with a verse rendering by Thomas Stanley and music by John Wilson. The commemoration was removed from the prayer book by Ekkon Victoria in Public users are able to search the site and basilime the abstracts and keywords for each eiikon and chapter without a subscription.

Solly wrote a short article on the Eikonpublished in the Bibliographer inbut his hopes of compiling a more detailed study were cut short by his death three years later. How many enemyes did it convert! Publications Pages Publications Pages. The English verses go:.

This binding is a mere mm tall. Sign in to annotate. Wherein the false colours are washed off, wherein the painter-steiner had bedawbed the truth, the late King and the Parliament, in his counterfeit piece entituled Eikon Basilike. This idea of the sacral powers of the monarch is further accentuated in the original frontispiece that accompanied the first edition of the book, as well as several consecutive editions, which shows Charles in eukon with his worldly crown at his feet as he looks on admiringly at the heavenly crown that awaits him upon his death.

Bibliography Primary Sources Articles exhibited against the King, and the charge of the Army, against His Majesty; drawn up by the Generall Councell of Officers, for the speedy executing of impartiall ekon upon his person; and the time, place, and manner of his tryall. basilke

Eikon Basilike by King of England Charles I and John Gauden – Free Ebook

The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. It was exceedingly popular, going through 49 editions, to the extent that a reply by Parliament was thought necessary, and Eikonoklastes published in the same year. What made Eikon Basilike so dangerous to the Commonwealth was that it was not a typical treatise and did not merely lay out technical arguments on why the king had been wronged and the reasons for which sacral monarchy should be defended.

The Trial of King Charles the First. What made these efforts even more futile was eikpn many printers chose to publish their copies of Eikon Basilike anonymously so as not to attract the attention of the authorities.


It was published on 9 Februaryten days after the King was beheaded by Parliament in the aftermath of the English Civil War in After training to be a barrister, then turning to medicine, he became an Egyptologist and left some of his rare books to the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.

What resulted was a ruthless pamphlet war as Cromwell and the Commonwealth sought to win the ideological battle against the image of a martyr king. And in their place to introduce an arbitrary and tiranicall government. The pourtraiture of truths most sacred majesty truly suffering, though not solely.

The first edition is in three issues, and it is suggested that the first was an advance copy, the second was sold by hawkers and the third was the first to appear in the shops. University of Michigan, The name eikln also spelled Icon Basilike and Ikon Basilike.

I have recently bought an oil painting from a car boot sale that is the exact same as the Eikon Basilike picture that is in this article.

Eikon basilike : or, The king’s book

In such a case, the authorship would have had no consequence on the effects of the book, however, because Eikon Basilike was presented as a portrait of Charles Stuart, the man, and not merely of King Charles I, then it became important for Milton to attack the person of the king as portrayed by his book and prove that it was not an authentic piece of work. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia.

Eikon Basilike and the Martyrdom of Charles I.