Kur’an-i Kerim Renkli Kelime Meali ve Muhtasar Tefsiri Kuran I Kerim Türkçe Meali Ve Muhtasar Tefsiri Hak Dini Kur’an Dili – Muhtasar Meal Tefsir. Muhammed Hamdi Yazır also known as Elmalılı Hamdi Yazır and Elmalılı was a Turkish Hoca Numan Efendi, the father of Muhammed Hamdi, went to the Elmalı district of Antalya for education when he was a child and settled there. Tefsir Tarihi Tasawurunun Kayip Halkasi: Osmanli Tefsir Mirasi,” tsldmiydt, 2 ( ) . Elmalili Muhammad Hamdi Yazir was born in in Elmali, a small town.

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He is nicknamed after his birthplace: He is from Yazir sub-branch of Oghuz brunch of Turkish nation. Hoca Numan Efendi worked as a head clerk of lawsuit of the district.

Muhammed Hamdi Yazır – Wikipedia

He completed his university education in Bayezid Madrasah. Then he competed posterrior education in Mekteb-i Nuvvab and became a Qadi judge. He learned ArabicPersianand French during teefsir education.

His was as fluent in French as in Arabic. He translated some French books to Turkish. He worked as a full-time academic in Bayezid Madrasah from to Rlmali a while he became the president of the council. Yazir wrote the symbolic fatwa for the termination of the reign of Abdul Hamid II.


He became a member of the senate of the Ottoman Parliament for Antalya. He strongly opposed Committee of Union and Tefsiir which hold a nationalist and militarist position. When Mustafa Kemal ‘s government abolished the madrasahs he withdrew into solitude. He studied for 20 years in solitude. In his philosophical works he opposed Western opinion that human mind is enough for reaching absolute truth.

He hold the position that faith and mind together are capable of comprehending truth. He worked on Qur’anic exegesis in Maturidi context. He also worked on a dictionary of law. Additionally he translated western papers into Turkish.

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