gvSIG User manual – Preference window – Map preferences. This section of the preference window can be used to customise how you wish to work with. Common options. Introduction; Properties; Placement; Visualisation; Allow label overlapping. Common options. Introduction. Regardless of. With this tool you can select which geometric properties to calculate for a visible vector layer in the current view, and then save these properties.

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How do I create a raster layer? New features Improvements Known problems Other notes. Raster pilot Description Credits. Geometries Concept of type mamual subtype Geometry type Geometry register Geometry creation.

Version notes New features Known problems. Migrating Projects to gvSIG 2. Fallo en consultas SQL convierte la condicion where a mayusculas Simbologia de poligonos con islas.

Windows XP users please consult install requirements. Problemas conocidos No se encuentra la dependencia jre: Version notes New Features Known problems. The extension allows to break up chains of text into different parts and storing them in table fields. Description Credits Version notes New Features. List of attributes of tvsig geometry of the layer. Download the EXE file from the Downloads section and execute it.

Network pilot Description Credits.


How to contribute in gvSIG? Nanual following organizations have participated in the extension: Lower versions for instance, Ubuntu 6. Can’t find getModel in the View class? These options provide a great degree of control over the configuration of the labels. Alphanumerical editing of elements includes the creation, modification and deleting of data associated with the elements using the field calculator.

gvSIG-Desktop User Manual — gvSIG

Open a terminal and execute: The geometry model General model structure Primitive geometries Complex geometries Aggregate geometries. Operations Create operations Register operations Operation invocation.

From the Desktop shortcut. Network pilot Description Credits. GvSIG throws a Java typecast error when saving table edits on integer fields Make error message translatable Introduces configurable user settings folder location Add some robustness to XML project file parsing Fix browsing for default symbology folder Unable to export to postgis when a field called gid already exists PostGIS Driver should be case sensitive Don’t allow user to leave blank the name of a layer to export Sextante algorithms help documents missing.

Get to know gvSIG Desktop, the Open Source Geographic Information System

If the checkbox field is changed, or if another field name is specified, the changes can be saved by pressing this button. Personal tools Log in.

Make error message translatable. User documentation Extensions Network analisis Redes 0. The 3D extension must be installed on the gvSIG version it was developed, which is indicated in the download table of the extension. New Features Improvements Known problems Other notes. User Manual by Victor Acevedo — last modified Network pilot Description Credits.


Geometries Concept of type and subtype Geometry type Geometry register Geometry creation. How can I convert a geometry to JTS? Previous versions gvSIG desktop 1.

Go to Oracle Database 10g Release 2 Problem with gvsg bit linux installer. Raster pilot Description Credits. Download and unzip the Linux installation package from the downloads table in the downloads section. New Features Improvements Known problems Other notes. New features Improvements Known problems.

Console of error on Quick Print tool If “force scale” textbox is mxnual. Version notes New features Improvements Known problems. Version notes General information New features Improvements. Revision de codigo Dependencias.

gvSIG Handbook

Normalization extension Description Credits. Support to have several gvSIG with different preferences. Label a layer with space in the name of the field en: Reference guide Module commonsdialog reference. New features Improvements Known problems Other notes.