Jim Grimsley is a successful playwright and novelist who has produced, in Kirith Kirin, a singular work of fantasy. The story revolves around Jessex, a boy of. At his side are the king, Kirith Kirin, and the other twice-named. The twice-named can be killed, but if they are not killed in battle, poisoned, etc., then they live. Kirith Kirin. Weesam 11/6/ Email. Jim Grimsley usual writes gay literature, and wins awards for it. This makes you wonder what made him decided to.

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All of them are delights to read about, and all of them are amazingly complex. As the young Jessex is taken from his family to carry out an unknown role in the service of the heroic leader known as Kirith Kirin, we follow his voice as he tells of his journey filled with a most unusual education in magic, love and destiny.

Even if sometimes the book stop moving at all: The Green Man Review. It is also extremely meticulous, and that was the tough part for me.

This is a must read. Kirith Kirin is like no other fantasy that you have ever read. There he fulfilled prophecy after prophecy and was trained to be a wizard or Thaanarc.

Jim Grimsley’s Kirith Kirin

Nor klrith the author gloss over the tragic consequences of war and its attendant destruction of life, property and the environment. It will help you to understand things further – given that Jessex as a narrator doesn’t explain everything about his surroundings – and provide you with the proper pronunciation for some of the more difficult words. I’m content with the knowledge that they most likely spent many long years happy together. The world-building is rich, even overwhelmingly so. Drudaen and Athryn themselves were so humanised in the end that you can’t really hate them.

They couldn’t even wait for him to turn 16 which is still too damn young to get it on. Though that apprehension turned into relief and joy again. The review of this Book prepared by Ivy. Eventually I told myself that if I was going to finish the book — and I really wanted to finish the book — I was going to have to accept that Jessex and Kirith Kirin were a thing. Kirith Kirin is a book of substance.


Not only is it refreshing to have a story told with this combination lirin circumspection and frankness, it also serves to build Jessex as a real person. Lists with This Book.

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Kirith Kirin (Irion/Hormling, book 1) by Jim Grimsley

I absolutely could not wrap my head around it being a natural development of their previous interactions and I still can’t. The feeling will pass from him in time.

We spend the whole book listening to Jessex narrating his own story and despite that, I never truly got a sense of who he was as a person. I feel that I need to re-read this novel as the world that Grimsley creates is complex and I would recommend people to read the glossary before starting the novel this really helped me understand the book on a deeper level.

This novel is a high fantasy that is driven by its world building, to the detriment of the plot.

And now I must address the part of the Kirith Kirin that I really did not like. The story revolves around Jessex, a boy of fourteen when the story opens, who narrates the tale of his entry into the service of Kirith Kirin, the Prince who lives in Arthen Forest, awaiting the call from the Queen, Athryn Ardfalla, lirin fulfill the next round of the Cycle and succeed her as King.

Boulevardpublished in by Algonquin, was again a Lambda finalist in the literature category and won Jim his second Georgia Author of the Oirith designation. Nina There definitely is! Or is it just alluded to or fade to black kind of stuff? The feelings the characters have are strong and pure, and the characters themselves, even those who appear for a kiirth time, are clear and memorable.

The characters are well developed and take you on an amazing journey. A change of pace is okay, but this was excessive. I’m glad that I didn’t rush through my reading of Jessex’s journey from a simple boy to a powerful wizard, and I’m infinitely glad that I didn’t grow impatient about the slow build of the romance between him and Kirith Kirin which is, admittedly, the biggest factor in my purchase of this book. He is well known for his book Kiirth Boy.


I love queer relationships, but I want them to be given the same development and justification as any other relationship and just as rom com couples seem to fall in love because they’re the main dude and main girl and that’s just how it goes, Kirith Kirin and Jessex’s romance seemed to be there simply to serve the purpose of making this a gay book like all the author’s other books.

Jessex is a marvellous narrator, wry ikrith gentle and unexpectedly funny. Click here to see the rest of this review. Overall, it reminded me mirin bot Hm. Bueno, no hay muchos sentimientos en el kigith, Jessex pierde a toda su familia, y aprte de llorar una vez nada.

Kirihh, for the most part, kirn completely unpronounceable names. On one hand, it often makes the text difficult to understand all right, there is a dictionary in the end of the book, good luck using it when reading: But despite its flaws, this is a captivating story — I had trouble putting this book down, even though it was slow going. Mar 29, Megan rated it really liked it Shelves: But the descriptions are so luxurious and beautiful that I do not mind the fact that I will have to read the entire book again to grasp all the names and mythology.

I’m conflicted about how I feel about this book and whether I want to give finishing it a go someday. Someone in a GR group I belong to was really talking this up. Which is a pretty low fucking bar for one half of the only romantic subplot of the novel to clear.

Kirith Kirin Book Summary and Study Guide

He also manages to write about the use of magic and make it more than It’s odd, because in some ways this isn’t a very well-written book: Since this is a work of fantasy, eventual victory is assured, but there are some surprising plot developments. Kirith Kirin is the kind of book I savor with great anticipation and delight.

In a few years i will give it another try.