The Kolbrin Bible: Millennia ago, Egyptian and Celtic authors recorded prophetic warnings for All online orders are securely processed through The Kolbrin, or The Kolbrin Bible, is a collection of texts alleged to be the of the Kailedy; the same group also presents an online edition. Information About The Kolbrin Bible – English – EspaƱol. – Nibiru and The Kolbrin. – Planet X and The Kolbrin Bible Connection – Why The Kolbrin Bible is the.

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It was strengthened by development of feelings of love between man and woman and between these and their kindred; by the appreciation onlinf beauty and devotion to duty; by the development of all qualities that pertain to humans and not to animals. Twice the land has been swept clean by water. The Soul that had shared the consciousness of God fell into unconsciousness by becoming ensnared in matter.

Earth was left garbed in the matron’s mantle of green, herbage covered the face of the land. There have been and may still be, associations of people who accepted the Kolbrin as the pivot point of their lives, and it is noteworthy, from what is known, that their lifestyle and the quality of their lives were enhanced through doing so. That a son of Herthew would lead their sons out of Krowkasis, and his sons and their sons would continue westwardly, towards Hesperis, meaning Land of Spirits.

There is a second volume to the Kolbrin – the Gospel of the Kailedy and deals specifically with the life and times of Jesus Christ.

KOLBRIN BIBLE – Awareness of Nothing

He prophesied a onlone bloodletting, telling people they could be saved by a great war leader, a king knowing the secret of the bright blade, himself a war-wielder of one.

However, believing it to be in the public interest, it has lately been decided that it should be made available now, subject to explicit conditions. The advantage of this New Zealand version is that it carries the all-important Dedication, Foreword, Introduction, Salutation and end-matter which can also be read on the website ; the downside is that the paragraphs are not numbered, which makes cross-referencing difficult.


In particular, the publishers not only have no manuscript to exhibit, but no ownership provenance other than vague allusions to an unnamed religious group and a fictional medieval cult called the Culdians playing on the name of the real but obscure Celtic Christian monks the Culdees.

The Kolbrin is tendered for acceptance at its face value or, more importantly, for its content of spiritual truths which, in any religion, are presented in a form peculiar to particular faiths. Have you altered so little from those who live and laugh today, with no thought turned towards the future? If the beast triumphs and she falls, klobrin ideal becomes enshrouded in winding cloths of disillusionment, and something is lost to the heart of a man”.

Then God laid His hand upon man, saying, “Now you are even as I, except you sleep there enclosed in matter in the Kingdom of Illusion, while I dwell here in the freedom of Reality and Truth. The seedsowing time had passed, but it was not yet harvest-tide and the young men held spear-throwing contests and tested each other in many manly skills. However, parts of the book may be actually ancient and contain much wisdom from ancient times.

She drank the kolbrn and they both slept. He became one with the profound peace of eternity and knew the joys of unceasing gladness.

Guide to the Kolbrin – Graham Hancock Official Website

A society progresses through social evolution, not revolution, but the woes displayed by present day society indicate that the evolutionary trend has taken a wrong direction. Yet, despite her knowledge and wisdom her heart was full of fears because of her background, but she displayed none of her anxieties. It was also altogether forbidden for any of The Children of God to mate with the Yoslings, for this was deemed to be the most unforgivable of sins.

A few Egyptians still go through the long preparation and immense ordeal of becoming Twice Born, but the old ways are increasingly frowned on by the majority.

Wisdom From the Ancients

It contained the Chalice of Fulfilment granting any who drank from it the realization of all things to which they aspired. It may be argued that this work should have been presented in its archaic form, to preserve its authenticity, but hible compiler disagrees, and we concur.


It was promoted in North America during on late night radio programs.

Habaris visited Herthew and on his retum told the king that he and his sons would now receive their final initiation. That you and I should head the fray is not because of our qualities but because we were where we were, when we were.

Guide to the Kolbrin

Man had not sinned in deed but in the things he had failed to do. Lnline deals with goodness and virtue, courage and mortality, with spiritual ideals and human aspirations, all unpopular and despised fare in these the Days of Decision.

Ethically the Kolbrin holds its own with any other body of literature and it is now offered to persons or groups seeking a philosophical focal point.

Originally, there were twenty-one books, which were said to be twelve books of Britain, eight books of Egypt and one kilbrin the Trojans, but of their names there is little certainty. Always there are ancestors back to the beginning, and back beyond to there is only God.

The carnal satisfaction of lesser creatures now no longer sufficed, they had lost contact with the Source of Love; but, though knowing something was lacking, knew not what. We know you are without certainty and assurance about what lies beyond the veil of death, for these ojline be given while man remains no more than man, and doubtless like us you remain suspended between doubt vible belief Our Unborn Friends, whatever your circumstances of life you are the children of the past and heirs of those who have lived and died.

They will be eaten u in the onljne of wrath and consumed by the breath of the Destroyer. The Earth, only true Altar of God, had offered up a sacrifice of life and sorrow to atone for the sins of mankind. Idalvar and those with him presented their gifts and took their places before the compound.