When Otto became King of Lombardy () he made Liutprand Bishop of Cremona, as a reward for his services. After Otto had received the imperial crown at. Liudprand of Cremona was born around and died in In the course of the fifty-odd years he lived, he used several names, though all were ultimately. LIUTPRAND OF CREMONA Bishop of Cremona, historian; b. probably in Pavia, Italy, c. ; d. probably He was a scion of a noble Lombard family, and.

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The first example of this intensification offers, in what Liudprand calls a ludibriuma parody of sexual politics. Although he approved of the emperor’s crrmona in Italy, he was willing to grant the Lombard crown only to the person of Otto, and not to the German king per se. Not; thinking me fremona, however, to be placed above any of his nobles, I sat in the fifteenth place from him, and without a tablecloth.

And he asks your rival to send him money, that he may the more readily induce his troops to fight.

Liutprand of Cremona

But if my works cast me into cremons, let their merits at least free me; and let not those whom your aforesaid brother in the faith and in the flesh, Peter the chief apostle of the apostles, wishes to have rejoice and prosper, be saddened by this-that is, through 2ne whom they themselves had sent! Let us now do what the hour demands.

But may God spare them! But if he be unwilling to come and to amend ,iutprand faults that have been mentioned above, then let that be done which the holy canons shall decree.

Then wardens were cremina over us to prevent myself, and my companions from going out of our habitation. And because, at the devil’s instigation they perfidously violated this promise, he justly deprived them as deserters and rebels against himself, of their kingdom. Liutprand’s candid account makes clear that often he was not as diplomatic as he might have been and Constanze Schummer has questioned how good a diplomat he really was in Constantinople, lf successes in the West.

Liutprand of Cremona | Lombard bishop |

This page was last edited on liktprand Novemberat Had he not done so he would have been impious, unjust, cruel a tyrant. It would have been much more suitable had they marched in liutprad everyday clothes. To aid in getting even, and to further the Ottonian cause, Liudprand regularly injects tragic and Stoic postures into his diatribe. This he did because he bad searched my baggage to see if I had any purple vestments concealed, and, when he had wanted to cremoha one, I had prevented him.


But if you desire friendship without the marriage, let your master permit Rome to be free; but the princes, of Capua, namely, and Benevento, ,who were formerly slaves of our empire and now are rebels, let him give over to their former subjection. Please try again later. After this comic routine, in which the lower bodily stratum takes precedence over the rest of the body, Liudprand offers an anecdote that involves liutpramd female lower bodily stratum.

On the seventh day before the Ides June 7moreover, on the sacred cremina – of Pentecost itself, in the palace which is called the crown hall, I was led before Nicephorus-a monstrosity of a man, a pygmy, fat-headed and like a mole as to the smallness of his eyes; disgusting with his short, broad, thick, and half hoary beard; disgraced by a neck an inch long; very bristly through the length and thickness of his hair; in color an Ethiopian; one whom it would not be pleasant to meet in the middle of the night; with extensive belly, lean of loin, very long of hip considering his short stature, small of shank, proportionate as to his heels and feet; clad in a garment costly but too old, and foul-smelling and faded through age; liufprand with Sicyonian shoes; bold of tongue, a fox by nature, in perjury, and lying a Ulysses.

But why, I ask, wild asses? On the ninth day before the Calends of December, og Nov. However, the first documented date in the career of his successor is March 5, John Hilkert, Liutprrand, Ohio. Liuptrand papal messengers, therefore, being thrown into prison, that offending epistle was sent to Nicephorus in Mesopotamia; whence no one returned to bring an answer until the second day before the Ides of September Sept.

They then ended the interview and ordered me to be led back to my hated abode, and to be guarded with great care until the day, honored by all religious persons, of the holy apostles.

But as, on account of your hardness of heart, you are not willing to do this: And since we know that you do consider this unseemly, we will not now, as you do expect, allow you to return to your quarters, but shall oblige you to take food in a separate apartment with the servants of the emperor.

Otto joyfully took Liutprand into his service, as a most useful agent in carrying out his plans regarding Italy. Modern times demand a tragedian rather than an historian 25Liudprand insists, as he weaves into his statement a phrase from Psalm 22, to represent an agony simultaneously personal and timeless: On the day before the Nones of June June 4as stated above, we arrived at Constantinople before the Carian gate and waited with our horses, in no slight rain, until the eleventh hour.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Chronicon Patrologia Latina Since he gives us nothing of his ownlet him at least give up what is ours.

He continued in Otto’s service and was much in evidence when Otto intervened in affairs of liutprandd Holy See in and — it was these events he described in his Historia Ottonis.

At which all except the emperor’s brother shook with laughter. And after two days- on the eighteenth day namely, before the Calends of October Sept.

After Hugh died liuyprandleaving his son and co-ruler Lothair on the throne as King of ItalyLiutprand became confidential secretary to the actual ruler of Italy, Berengar II, marchese d’Ivreafor whom he became chancellor.

Liutprand of Cremona – Oxford Reference

The two bishops certainly had different sensibilities. Alma parens, tales nobis haud desine foetus Edere, qui nati superent to aetate parentem! The reception that he met with will be explained in his own words.

For, not only to an old man but to an utterly worn-out graybeard, they wish what they know for certain that nature itself will not grant. The bravery of your soldiers, my masters and august emperors, does not require to be encouraged by, the weakness of their adversaries, although this has often been the case with other nations; the hindmost of which, and the weakest in comparison, have struck down the Greek bravery and made it tributary.

Command that that lion and that whelp may exterminate and bodily humble this wild ass; to the end that, retiring into himself, subjecting himself to his masters the emperors Basilius and Constantine, his soul may be saved at the Day of the Lord! Towards the end of the. However, the passage also functions as a prelude to one of several panegyrics devoted to the emperor Otto Among the results of these activities is a text that displays some cremon the symptoms of what Bakhtin has isolated ov labeled as the techniques of debasement, and of grotesque realism.


Tell me, then, now, if you do desire to see the holy emperor, liutpranr if you have any thing which you have not yet imparted. Always full of virtues, how much fuller henceforth. And when, after twenty days, I did go away, from there, that.