Jean-François Lyotard Translated by Georges Van den Abbeele. The Differend. “ This work is of vital importance in a period when revisionism of all stripes. Expressing the Inexpressible: Lyotard and the Differend Jacob M. Held Marquette University Department of Philosophy Coughlin Hall P.O. Box Jean-François Lyotard in Continental Philosophy. (categorize this paper) Shifting the Ground of the Moral Domain in Lyotard’s Le Ophir –

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This also means that there is no “correct” way of concatenating a phrase, no correct phrase regimen to be employed in following one phrase with another.

The exhibition collected works which explored connections between the media, art, space, and matter. In order for Lyotard’s philosophy to be both informative and effective he must abandon his conception of there being no ultimate court of appeal in cases of violence and the proposed solutions. The dominance of one genre stifles the conve rsation.

The very nature of discourse puts the burden of proof on th e differend and determines the legitimacy of claims.

Expressing the Inexpressible: Lyotard and the Differend | Jacob Held –

This rejection is manifested in the philosophy of paganism that preceded Lyotard’s postmodernism. What is represented is constantly deferred. According to Lyotard knowledge in postmodernity has largely lost its truth-value, or rather, the production of knowledge is no longer an aspiration to produce truth.

Adami, Arakawa, Buren, ed. University of Minnesota Press He privileges art as the realm which is best able to provide testimony to differends through its sublime effects [see Reason and Representation; Politics; Art and Aesthetics]. Geoff Bennington and Brian Massumi Manchester: There he took part in the May political actions, organising demonstrations for the “March 22 Movement.

In time the band begins to slow and cool, and forms what Lyotard calls “the disjunctive bar. This characterisation of events as phrases may be understood as a theoretical fiction or “a way of speaking” which allows Lyotard to develop a theory of events through the analysis of language, just as the libidinal philosophy does using libidinal energy.

When phrases are concatenated, they follow rules for linking called phrase regimens. Lyotard extends the notion of the sublime from that which is absolutely great to all things which confound our abilities to synthesize them into knowledge.


The Kantian Critique of History, trans. If expression were possible it would not have be en a differend in the first place. Lyotard uses the metaphors of flatness and depth to refer to discourse and figure, respectively. One could quite easily ask, “What solution does Lyotard himself endorse?

Books about Lyotard Benjamin, Andrew ed. Millions of words were written. For Lyotard change is life affirming, whereas the stable structures that inhibit change are nihilistic and life denying.

If one desires to express the differend in an attempt to resolve an inju stice, then the first point that needs to be addressed is what exactly the diffe rend shows. Lyotard elaborates on the hegemony of the economic discourse.

Indeed, Lyotard suggests that there is an incommensurability between the question of legitimation itself and the authority of narrative knowledge. This is the particular transformation of the libidinal band – or the particular dispositif on the libidinal ljotard — that gives rise to representation and theory. Phrase regimens fix the instances of the phrase universe within a concatenation; these regimens are syntactic types of phrases such as the cognitive, the descriptive, the prescriptive, the interrogative, the evaluative, and so on.

Since wrongs are inexpressible they cannot be addressed or resolved. That is, one genre claims the exclusive right to impose rules of concatenation from the initial phrase. Postmodern science is about the generation of new ideas rather than the efficient application of existing knowledge. Although he once considered becoming an artist a desire that would manifest itself in other booksLyotard became a teacher and was posted in Algeria in from towhere anti-colonialism, once below the surface, was breaking through.

Jean Francois Lyotard The Differend Phrases In Dispute

For example, the academic discourse cannot be t ranslated into an economic discourse, and economic discourse cannot be translate d into a scientific discourse and so on.

On the other hand, any effort to record the Event is thwarted because the time of the event is unaccountable—cannot be counted—through representation, because the figural excess of the event diffsrend the singularity of the event.

His aim is to show that structuralism ignores the figural elements at lotard both outside and within representational structures. Lyotard’s libidinal politics is not aimed at overthrowing capitalism, then, but of working within it to release the libidinal energies dissimulated within its structures.


As the bar slows, sometimes it invests this region, sometimes that. The Postmodern Condition is a study of the status of knowledge in computerized societies.

The proliferation of idioms would appear to provide greater op portunities for expressing wrongs. In particular, Lyotard’s postmodern lyotafd must be distinguished from the stylistic trends often called postmodern in the art world such as the anti-modern return to representational realism or the simulationism of Peter Halley, Sherrie Levine, Jeff Koons and others.

This means that there is no “correct” genre in which to situate the initial phrase which is presented, and no genre has more validity than others. A Report on Knowledge, trans.

Jean-François Lyotard: “Le Différend,” Part One

Philosophy, Politics and the Sublime New York: University of Minnesota Differenr, Composed of clips from eighty hours of testimony gathered by Ophuls, the series destroyed the myth of differwnd brave French Resistance and detailed how French collaborationists were responsible for sending Jewish children to concentration camps. It may be the feeling of “not being able to find the words. Conversely, however, affects dissimulate systems. It is that which is so new and different it can only be called modern in retrospect.

What is not wrong eifferend is the less cultural question of whether it is even permissible for someone who accidentally escaped and by all rights ought to have been murdered, to go on living after Auschwitz. In Lyotard’s postmodern philosophy the sublime is the feeling that indicates the limits of reason and representation.

No keywords specified fix it. Because the event is unpredictable, we cannot actively control the way it will be released and form new structures.

Legitimation of ltotard by performativity terrorises the production of ideas. The situation is a double bind because there are two alternatives – either there were gas chambers or there were not – which lead to the same conclusion: